For novice or experienced collectors and artists, the same basic rules apply to art collecting:

  1. Keep purchase and studio records: price/costs and the date purchased/made
  2. Record the title of the artwork, and the artist name and biography
  3. Note if the piece is featured in any exhibitions or books
  4. Provide any insurance valuations of the artwork

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Why Archive Art Online?

There are many reasons to have a digitally record your art archive. The benefits or archiving art include:

  • Being organized and familiar with the details of your collection
  • Legacy preservation and story
  • Online sales and visibility
  • Access to your collection from anywhere
  • Insurance and estate planning

Establishing a documented art archive increases the value of your art and protects your collection should unforeseen circumstances arise.

Where to Begin?

Get Started red buttonA brief consultation can help us determine your archiving goals and where to begin. Whether you start with your most cherishedartworks, enter chronologically, or by series, we can make the process feel effortless. Our clients often tell us “The hardest part is getting started.” We have simplified the archive process to relevant fields without compromising important details. Each artwork has three required fields making it easy to get started. Additional information be added can later as it becomes available. Complete our quick intake form