Uploading Images

For each artwork you have, you can save up to 10 images. Use our drag-and-drop or browse-to-upload feature, or directly upload from any mobile device. The first image in the upload window will be the primary image. You can easily rearrange your images by dragging them into the desired order.

Image Specifications:

Only .jpg, .gif, or .png file formats are compatible. Other file types such as .pdf, .psd, .tiff and .raw will not upload successfully. Images published in Discover are required to be presented in a professional manner and clearly show the entire artwork. Two dimensional works should be cropped to the edge. Additional images that depict signature, edition, frame or other relevant details are also recommended. We reserve the right to remove images that do not fit this criteria and artworks that are missing images.

PDF Files: Each artwork record is designed to hold multiple PDF files. Within the add/edit artwork window, scroll down to upload and follow the prompts. Upload artist information, press clippings, transaction receipts, consignment agreements and more. artAttendant archives this information with the artwork record so you can access it at anytime.