Willy Bo Richardson | White Panacea (diptych)

Oil on Canvas | 2015

Lama Shang (1122-93) was a famous Tibetan warrior yogi. Legend has it he became enlightened on the battlefield. Whether this is true or not, one thing we can say with certainty is that his teachings are sharp and powerfully simple. He does not put words together to impress, but shoots arrows straight to the heart of Mahamudra, teachings on mind itself.

In this day and age people are constantly being asked to make better, achieve more, add to. I am all for innovation, but we often make our world unnecessarily complex. I humbly attempt to undo the extra noise… not necessarily for the world, but at least for myself and for those who have a connection to my work. My art is the breath of fresh air one takes between taking in all the stimulation and excitement our interesting world has to offer. I aspire to make “un-paintings”.

Dimensions: 53in x 114in
Inventory #: 94_2015
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