Jennifer Vasher | Vignette for the Homeland Turf

Artificial turf dispenser pumps vile motor oil petroleum jelly delivery truck interior | 2018

Jennifer Vasher's installation for the Axle Contemporary mobile art truck in Santa Fe is a vitrine of 'a forest of oil derricks" and/or "a flock of cranes" (Vasher). White AstroTurf sprouts industrial pumps amidst a human-sized vial containing viscous amber motor oils and petroleum jellies to illustrate the true nature of many of the products that we are so viscerally engaged in.
Influenced by political, social, and ecological issues, Jennifer Vasher looks at the cheer, desperation, and manipulation with which we as a consumer culture are engaged. Striving to present ideas in a comparative not declarative manner, the artist explores such topics as the pharmaceutical industry and drug addiction, the American ‘Cult-ure of Cleanliness” and the petroleum industry, and domestic health and beauty consumerism.
The truck will be parked at various locations in SFe for the month of March, during which The Last Oil a Multi-species Justice Symposium on Arctic Alaska and Beyond will held at UNM.
Locations: NM Art Museum, Farmers Market and SITE Santa Fe, Canyon Road, Plaza, CCA, Whole Foods
Interview with Kathryn Davis of Art Beat Santa Fe is available at www.Art Beat and on Art Beat's You Tube

Dimensions: 80in x 60in x 96in (Image)
Inventory #: 121
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