Julius L. Meyer | Tropeepalon, (Baby Gumba) Little Trope

Fiberglass paint and framed canvas digital print | 2017

InterGalactic Ambassador: Tropeepalon, a.k.a. Little Trope is from the Race of Beings called Magoomba-Gahaumba's, located int he Milky Way Galaxy on planet Triaxion in the Quaytar Solar System located 52 Quadrants from the center of the Milky Way galaxy within the 3rd spiral arm of the Milky Way. During Earth time 1974, a group of spy aliens landed on Earth to learn our culture, disguised as a rock band. Five years on Earth, many performances and cultural exchanges later, including Albuquerque Little Theatre, the Gong Show Burbank, CA, Gladiator Night Club Sacramento, CA, the 6 beings strangely disappeared maybe to explore other worlds. An offspring from a member of this group has been living on Earth for nearly 40 years. Its the Ambassador Little Trope and has been patiently waiting for the return of the band from far away. Little Trope doesn't reach adulthood until age 100.

Dimensions: 30in x 40in x 24in
Inventory #: IGA-39
Retail Price $120.00
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