Jennifer Joseph | Target 09

Oil on Panel | 2018

The purpose of my painting practice is to create a place to rest, a visual space of harmonious contemplation and healing. My use of color and geometry relates directly to vibration, both physically and metaphysically.

Painting, for me, is a quiet discipline and a form of meditation. My process involves the repetitive act of laying down one brush stroke at a time, side by side, so that the act of painting becomes self-evident. This practice requires presence and creates a vibration of quietude and slowness, of contemplation and healing. I use color specifically to evoke a mood, and the inherent vibratory nature of color amplifies this intention.

My objective with this particular body of work is to raise the vibration of the viewer, by using the physical properties of color and geometry to slow the brain down, and bring a sense of peace.

Dimensions: 48in x 48in x 2in
Inventory #: 100
Retail Price $10,000.00
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