Nancy Kozikowski | Tangled Belt 2

Hand Dyed Wool Tapestry | 1995

From American Art Historian Carl Shuster:

In contrast to the common anthropological idea that each culture is singularly unique, Schuster argues that since these designs did not just occur in isolated cultures, but were widespread across the earth at different time periods, they are proof of a collective human instinct. Schuster further pushes his theory by positing that ancient patterns continue to survive and are in fact relevant today. Stacked chevrons, for example, ubiquitous in several tribal cultures, are used as modern military insignia denoting rank. Another extension of this relevance appears in modern tattoos, textiles, fashion and art, which all seem to draw from frivolous and innocuous patterns that are actually saturated with hidden meaning through their connection to our tribal past. see more at

Dimensions: 48in x 48in x 2in (Image)
Signature: Nancy Mark lower middle, label sewn on back
Retail Price $8,000.00
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