Miss Lorraine Sil Viah

InterGalactic Ambassador: Lorraine Sil Viah, Phd. equivalent Anthropologist is from the Ophiucus Constellation – Wolf 1061C, who was brought to Earth by the Arecibo Message/2865 Generation Earth colonization mission 1974, is a bipedal Xenomorph, a.k.a. Raccoon. Lorraine investigates humans via broken vessels and waste deposits; enjoys using spatial technologies and digital mapping to approach cultural Read more….

Primaxion from the Pleides

Primaxion is a Chrome Ball Ambassador commonly found near the intersections of Earthly nuclear activity and other unearthly activities and is generally perceived as rowdy and rebellious but yet its childish nature is not a threat to Earthlings. However, Primaxion has been deemed a national security threat and incarcerated in America. Inventory ID IGA-55 Private Read more….