Woody Alien a.k.a. Willow 067

InterGalactic Ambassador: Willow 067 is from the Parechyma Nebula on Xiorocenia and was sent to record data in New York City, but crash landed in a field near the Rio Grande. Mistaking the animals and farm life around her for people, she stayed there learning about the nature of New Mexico. Inventory ID IGA-28 Private Read more….


InterGalactic Ambassador: GW150914, who hails from a Kerr Black Hole Beyond the Magellanic Clouds, joined the InterGalactic Ambassador program in order to better teach the inhabitants of Earth the importance of the pursuit of sciences in order for the Human Race to become a more vital and positive force in the Milky Way Galaxy and Read more….

Red Giant Charles Thompson, a.k.a. Frank Black Hole

InterGalactic Ambassador: Frank Black Hole is a musician, primarily rhythm guitar. Frank writes songs with surreal lyrics and he came to the Milky Way to explain to you the behavior of stellar black holes in globular clusters, because we don’t have that kind here. Frank requested the Milky Way assignment to Earth because is is Read more….

Interconnected Bean

InterGalactic Ambassador: Mr. Bean is an agent with a main purpose of finding and sharing knowledge with the Universe. As the scientific forces heat rock and expand out from Earth’s core, life grows upward to the stars for wisdom as universal forces weave in and out of ourselves leaving new knowledge behind. Inventory ID IGA-20 Read more….