Dancing with Monsters: Dreams of the North

TEXT: With one foot in the South& one foot in the North, one wet foot & one dry foot, I move with persistence up & down a continent, three countries, innumerable dreams. The voice of dreams asks for a vision of how to live. The Dragon of Ambivalence stares straight & hard at me from Read more….

Desert Enantiadromia

Gaia was the mother goddess of Greek myth. She came into existence during the initial moments of the universe. Her relationship with Ouranos was volatile and central to the forming of the universe. When existence with Ouranos became intolerable, she recruited her son, Cronos to castrate his father. TEXT: As he crept through the night Read more….

The Idea of Paradise

This painting is about communicating with an intimate partner. The text is as follows: He had never abandoned the idea of paradise. He carried the reality of it with him from the beginning. It was embedded in his psyche like an ancient arrow point in a towering oak tree. It indelibly stained his soul like Read more….

Sunflower Happiness in the Anthropocene

A celebration of sunflowers & Lesser Goldfinches in an era where everything has been altered by human beings. The text: Clearly our demons are running everything & to what awful end? We must learn to deny dominion to our demons & see the world as we see our new born child. Inventory ID 101 Private Read more….