Jennifer Vasher | Succulent

motor oil Museum quality seamless acrylic vile with sealed cap petroleum jelly workable stainless steel dispenser pump | 2018-2019

Jennifer Vasher finds contemporary America living in a (market driven) drug loving, petroleum drenched society, practicing rituals stemming from a cult of cleanliness. Succulent represents the “Petro lotion elixirs (that) are massaged into our bodies, the overuse of “health” products such as hand sanitizers that weaken our ability to fight off germs, and the poisonous household cleaners we buy irresponsibly because marketers tell us to. "We are lubricating ourselves and our homes with enough petro products to ignite us.”
A generation ago, Shell corporate campaign slogans extoled “Quickens the Pulse of Civilization” and ‘Made Possible or Made Better with Petroleum!” promising consumers a superior quality of life. “Better Things for Better Living…Through Chemistry” and “The Miracles of Science” have been the catchphrases of DuPont since 1935. These taglines reinforced the public’s unquestioning faith that the scientific community safely protects purchasing choices. In her work, Vasher is questioning our consumer choices and the interplay between desire, fear, and addiction.

"It is astonishing that the beauty of our intentions is so often poorly juxtaposed with how we achieve their ends. The positive intentions of our desire for health and beauty seem to come at our own odd expense, and that of the world. The curious irony of this situation represents a relationship that we find individually as either fair and balanced, unpalatable and unsustainable, or simply as a curious fact of nature and economics". – Jennifer Vasher.
Each piece in edition varies in viscous product aesthetic. (Variable on edition)
2018 1/12 included in Axel Contemporary mobile installation parked in front of NMArt Museum, CCA Santa Fe, the Santa Fe Plaza, SFe Farmers Market and SITE Santa Fe, Whole Foods SFe

Dimensions: 36in x 6in x 6in (Image)
Inventory #: 122
Edition #: 1/12
Retail Price $4,750.00
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