Charles Dunbar and Edna Casman | Portfolio 16 Painting 197

acrylic cotton canvas | 2016

Collaborative Drawings and Paintings by Edna Casman & Chuck Dunbar

In 2006, Edna Casman, an artist friend, suggested we work together. We thought it might be fun to draw together at the same time in the arena of a sheet of paper. It opened a torrent that continues undiminished. Armed with pastel we find drawing like this very exciting. It is quick and direct. The whole process is very much like playing a game. It is a series of moves and countermoves, a progression, a lengthening chain, a growth. We play with one another, not against one another. The process works most of the time. In silence we talk with our marks, but we laugh out loud at what happens on the paper. We added painting to this process a couple of years later.

This work is not really abstract. The subject of these drawings and paintings is more than their marks and their rhythm and their spatial illusion. We look to our inspiration and imagination for a story to add life and excitement. This helps the work move along. If there is any premeditation, it is to avoid any combination of marks, which the viewer may read too easily as something specific. Each of us agrees we experience what musicians, actors and dancers probably experience all the time: the joy, excitement and immediacy of creatively improvising with another artist.

Dimensions: 24in x 30in (Image)
Signature: Drawings and paintings show "Casman" in the lower left corner and "C.Dunbar" in the lower right corner.
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