Jennifer and Max Vasher (Vasher Studio) | Plumerai

Tiles: Acrylic embedded with laser cut paper. Frame: hand-grained aluminum. Studio seal and serial number on frame edge. | 2017, three toned edition; 2018 clear edition

Each panel of the screen contains multiple acrylic 'tiles' embedded with laser cut paper. The design of the laser cut paper uses the dark laser cut edges in combination with the thin white strands of paper in the lacy design to create a beautiful shift in positive and negative light. This is seen when one moves about the piece or as light changes throughout the day.
This play between positive and negative is reinforced by our development of the invisible neodymium magnetic 'hinge' that holds the panels together. Each panel magnetically attaches to the other via self adjusting magnets within the frame. This allows for any variety of angles to be created between the panels. A free standing screen can be created using a minimum of 2 panels- the maximum is unlimited. Single panels can also be attached at any angle to a wall via hidden or visible metal strip.
The frame itself is a hand-grained solid aluminum piece. The grain in the aluminum allows a greater variety of surface angles to pick up and reflect light giving it a greater lustre in a variety of lighting situations and as light changes throughout the day.
Image shown is of a three panel free standing screen. Installed at Peter's Projects Santa Fe July 2017.
Three panel screen: $18,500.00
Individual panels: $8,500.00

Dimensions: 88in x 18in x 1in (Image)
Inventory #: 124
Edition #: 99
Retail Price $18,500.00
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