Richard Overfield | Morituri Salutamus: Song of the Missing Souls

Oil on Canvas | 1997

This painting, in my "archive" for 2 decades, has a text in 24k gold between the exterior blue border & the interior images. This painting is my statement celebrating the friends I have loved & lost. For me, nothing in this world is more valuable than the magic these incredible people left in my life. “Those of us who are about to die salute you. We salute you in the flesh as we acknowledge your authority over matters of this world and the flesh which so briefly houses its soul. As I mourn the loss of all those who have stood here where I now stand know your will to carry out what you understand to be the obligation of your birth is, in your mind, the driving force justifying the conditions which have brought us to this place. The truth may, or may not be, on your side, but that authority is in no sense the force influencing the souls of those for whom it is no longer possible to stand here. You can say to me, some two thousand years later, that we stand here as equals, but we do not. Our realities are unalterably separate & distinct. Your power to control these conditions governs the requirements of all our lives, but not the disposition of the souls of all the others. They have transcended the requirements of the flesh & this world & in so doing are beyond the realm of your authority. Here only this song is no mournful dirge.”

Dimensions: 82in x 164in x 2.5in (Image)
Inventory #: 100
Retail Price $30,000.00
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