Francesca Searer | Miss Lorraine Sil Viah

paint Fiberglass polymorphic plastik compound | 2017

InterGalactic Ambassador: Lorraine Sil Viah, Phd. equivalent Anthropologist is from the Ophiucus Constellation - Wolf 1061C, who was brought to Earth by the Arecibo Message/2865 Generation Earth colonization mission 1974, is a bipedal Xenomorph, a.k.a. Raccoon. Lorraine investigates humans via broken vessels and waste deposits; enjoys using spatial technologies and digital mapping to approach cultural materials; attends weekly seminars on problems of theory and methods of human studies; approached through specific research topics such as social anthropology, historiography, archaeology, epigraphy, numismatics, papyrology and textual criticism.

Dimensions: 32in x 36in x 26in
Inventory #: IGA-50
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