Lydia Peters | Les Ondes Cerebrales


I finally found myself as an artist❣️
I was always lead to believe that an artist was supposed to fit a particular mold, either a portrait artist or a landscape artist. Well I am neither of those ❣️ I am #lydiapetersartist I create what I imagine, what I feel and sometimes I just put an image on the canvas and take it wherever it leads me❣️ I guess you can call my style abstract lydiaism❣️ being boxed in suffocates one's creative genius❣️ I am so happy to be finally free of that and now my creative juices are flowing❣️ I am truly thankful for my ability to be creative and artistic and to display my artworks for you to enjoy❣️🙏 Forever Thankful & Blessed ❣️🙏

Dimensions: 16in x 20in x 3/4in
Inventory #: 133
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