Joe Price | July


A serigraph is a print process made with a silkscreen.

Joe Price first screens an opaque white surface on each sheet of paper to seal the paper in much the same way that gesso is used to prepare canvas for an oil painting. Colors rest upon this surface rather than being absorbed into the paper. His transparent oil paint colors gradually build to what appears as opaque color in the final print. An individual print may require 80 or more separate silkscreening applications to create the colors and the subtle values present in the final image. Price’s technique results in a print that can be compared to an oil painting in the achieved luminosity and depth in color. All of the images are created by hand; no photographic processes are employed - and each print is hand-screened by the artist.

Unintentional cracking often happens during and after the paint application process when the artist least expects it. Some are the result of applying a paint medium a bit too generously, and others happen because external factors such as temperature, humidity and air flow are not taken into account.

The Peninsula Museum of Art, a non-profit for our artistic-loving community, was fortunate to have a home in Burlingame, CA for almost eight years. Unfortunately due to redevelopment planning, our lease was terminated early and while we were looking for a new affordable home, the 2020 COVID pandemic hit and our hopes of finding a new space forced us to reimagine how we showcase artists of the San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose Bay Area.

We now have the opportunity to present artwork to our community, without an admission charge, in a brand new and unexpected space: an indoor shopping mall! The Peninsula Museum of Art will be at Tanforan located in San Bruno, CA but to afford this move, accommodate the drastically reduced storage space, and provide curated show and programming to our visitors, we need to reduce our art collection.

If you are interested in an artwork and are in the Bay Area, we can coordinate a COVID-safe pick-up/drop-off. If you need an item shipped, an agreement of shipping and delivery costs will need to be factored into the purchase price.

Thank you for your support so we can support our San Bruno area community.
Megan Kamrath
Co-Executive Director
Peninsula Museum of Art
The Peninsula Museum of Art, a 501 c3 Not for Profit Corporation, IRS# 20-0882255.

Please mail any inquiries to:
Peninsula Museum of Art
PO Box 1657
Burlingame, CA 94011
Visit us in person at:
The Shops at Tanforan
Second floor - 204
1150 El Camino Real
San, Bruno, CA

Please make an offer on this artwork to help the Peninsula Museum of Art continue to bring curated art shows to our community.

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