Richard Overfield | In the Garden of Good & Evil: Gabe in the Parking Lot of Art

Wax encaustic and oil pigments on paper | 2015

Another artist, Canadian Patrick Gourley, & I agreed to do portraits of each other. Prior to the agreement, Gourley was visiting Alex Dunne in Portland, Oregon who had scheduled a meeting with a sculptor. During a conversation in the parking lot of the sculptor's studio, Dunne and the sculptor decided to hang Gourley from his crane by the ankles. I used my understanding of this event as the text for my portrait of Gourley. I use "Gabe" as the name of Gourley's alter ego in the sense Cicero used it when he coined the phrase, which is "a trusted friend or a second self." The text is as follows: Gabe was altogether happier chasing women as opposed to art dealers, but he knew they were an important tool for getting his hands on money. He knew only too well that money was the main gate to status in the art world. The dilemma turned around his awareness that wealth created an aura of virility and powerfulness which always seemed to be an erotic trigger for women. Thus, that women preferred notorious, or “famous” men with lots of money ate away at the deepest levels & persistently sabotaged his peace of mind. If this was not bad enough, that it degraded his belief in the value of art, then what to do? How to find his place in the parking lot of art? Finally, Gabe knew just hanging around was no answer.

Dimensions: 23in x 18in (Image)
Framed: 25in x 20in x 2in
Signature: Signed & dated in the lower right corner.
Inventory #: 103
Retail Price $2,500.00
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