ted laredo | Ferdinand Taurus Leaf

glass micro beads Fiberglass micaceous oxide flake phosphorescent paint | 2017

InterGalactic Ambassador: Ferdinand, Ferd for short, is from the Galaxia Kyklos on Trappist-le. Ambassador Ferd really does come in peace and he would rather smell the roses than fight in an intergalactic war. He is peace loving and friendly, unlike his cousin, Marvin, who just wanted to see the Earth go kaboom! so that he could have a better view of Venus. Ferd's mission is to not draw attention to himself, but to be circumspect and unobtrusive, gathering information for peace. He loves the levitational arts and chocolate ice cream.

Dimensions: 30in x 36in x 24in
Inventory #: IGA-35
Retail Price $960.00
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