Eric Romero | Agent Bugebageo, a.k.a. Rusty Shackleford

Fiberglass oil paint | 2017

InterGalactic Ambassador: Agent Bugebageo is an ambassador for the Dry Land Cultural Affairs and co-chair being of the Department of Terraformation. Agent Bugebageo is neither male or female rather a type three being enabling it to have complete impartiality in the observation process, with complete appreciation for all matter. Agent Bugebageo's main mission is to observe the landscape of New Mexico in hopes to transform Factory 5G into a more inhabitable planet. While Agent Bugebageo's direct mission is to observe land, it has taken a great interest in the recreation of the three dimensional by means of two dimensional media.

Dimensions: 30in x 36in x 24in
Inventory #: IGA-47
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