Richard Overfield | A Secret Place

gold leaf oil on linen | 1992

Here is the text to “A Secret Place”
He wanted to fly. He did not want to be flown and he certainly did not want to enter a mechanical device and ride it through the air. He simply wanted to leap into the air and fly wherever he felt like flying. Kith and kin universally dismissed what to him was less a dream, or a vision, than it was a predetermined and very close friend whose death occurred years later. It’s not about grief. The dream involved a person unfamiliar to me standing on a cliff at the edge of a forest overlooking a valley located in a remote place away from cities and towns. I somehow have grown Pterodactyl type wings and I am flying across the valley. I am more or less convinced, but I am not certain, the person hasn’t seen me yet. I think the dream was about coping with painful loss, but the painting is about what comes next after and fixed destiny.

Dimensions: 48in x 48in x 2"in (Image)
Signature: Signed lower right
Inventory #: 108
Retail Price $4,500.00
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