Why Archive Art Digitally?

The process of artwork archiving is fundamentally about caring for the art you make or collect. 

An art archive is comprised of two components:

    1. 1. A physical collection which is attached to a physical place.
    1. 2. A digital archive of your collection which is comprised of records and documents readily accessible on artAttendant’s cloud-based platform.

Benefits of Digital Art Collections

The main benefit of cloud-based digital art archiving is mobile accessibility. You can access your collection online anytime, anywhere. Creating a cloud-based archive of your collection gives you quick, mobile access to vital information about your art such as images and documents, without having to sort through paper files.

I have learned that if I don’t take care of my work, no one else will. If I don’t see the importance of archiving, why should anyone else see the importance?”
-Mildred Howard

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