Professional Art Archive Services

We offer a variety of professional and affordable art archive services. We have an experienced and qualified team of professional art archivists. We are ready to help you catalog your artwork collection on the artAttendant platform. Preserve those records! Let our 30+ years of art archiving experience work for you.

Art Archive Services Pricing:

  • Data Migration:
    $49.99 per Import or Export. Download the Migration Template to get started
  • Template Migration Prep:
  • Archive Services: 
    Customized services by our team of vetted archivists ranging from cataloging artwork information, images and documents to physically organizing your collection. Rates vary by location. Contact us  to connect to archive support in your area. Our archivists are vetted & insured and your collection details are kept confidential.

    • Data Archivist: If you have a collection of digital or paper records, this is is the recommended place to begin. Our Data Archivists can build your online archive by entering these materials. Images can later be uploaded from your digital device, or by an artAttendant Mobile Archivist. Depending on location, we may be able to connect you with a local art photographer who can provide images for our Data Archivist to upload so that you can enjoy your online archive in a visual way. Services currently include, data entry, PDF scan/attach, image search as appropriate,  Data archive services are $25-$45 per hour based on location.
    • Mobile Archivist: We have a rapidly growing network of Mobile Archivists who can come to your location to build your online archive. We are currently offering this service in New York, Los Angeles, Albuquerque and Santa Fe. If you require assistance and your collection is in another area, please inquire as our Mobile Archive network is rapidly growing. Mobile archive services are $45 – $85 per hour based on location.
  • Artwork Rentals and Loans:
    Let our experienced team curate artwork for your production or event  
  • Valuation:
    Our team of experts can do the research for your artwork valuation needs

Preserve your legacy by archiving your artwork. Need some archivist assistance? Get the process started by selecting the get started button below.

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Preserve Your Legacy and the Value Your Art

Maintaining accurate organized information about your artworks—including provenance, exhibitions, condition and more—is an invaluable and rewarding practice.  Your cloud-based digital collection is a reliable and convenient way to manage your inventory from anywhere in the world for private and public purposes. Many members have reported that by using artAttendant they learn their collection is more valuable than expected. Caring enough to invest in recording your collection means you are helping to build and preserve a legacy around you and your artworks.

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