Art Archive Job Opportunities

We are always looking to expand our services.

Mobile Archivist

Establish and maintain archives for artists and collectors in your region. Although each situation may vary, as an artAttendant Mobile Archivist, you provide services at collection site for artists and collectors who need some extra help. Art handling experience, background check, and references required. Contact us today to join our rapidly growing team of archivists.

Data Archivist

If you are a spreadsheet wizard, detail oriented and seek flexible part time work, this might be the perfect opportunity for you. Set up collections at a location and time convenient to you! Basic art knowledge a plus, no art handling experience necessary.

Fine Art Photography

Be a part of our rapidly growing network. If you specialize in photographing artworks – contact us today for referrals in your area.


We are looking for parasail partners worldwide. If you specialize in artwork appraisals – contact us today for referrals in your area.

Contact us to submit your resume or CV.