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Upload and organize unlimited art for free

We offer a free, secure, easy-to-use, cloud-based artwork inventory database to document, manage and track art collections. Our members can choose to make their art collection public or keep it private. Collection management, insurance valuation, estate planning, publishing archive records and social sharing are all incorporated into our intuitive online platform.

Buy, sell, rent or loan art on our marketplace

Promote artwork for sale, rent or loan in our public online art marketplace. Buy art directly from other artAttendant community members. artAttendant is one of the most affordable ways to sell artwork online as we only charge a 10% commission and 3% credit card processing fees. We have no up-front costs, and no membership fees for displaying artwork for sale, rent or loan.

Low-cost professional art archive services

Archived art collections have greater value than undocumented collections. Art Attendant was developed by professional art dealer and archivist with over 25 years of experience. If your collection needs help and more personalized service, our art archive services start as low as $30/hour. Contact us to discuss your collection and develop a customized affordable solution.

Serving the Arts Community

We believe in connecting the vibrant and diverse worldwide arts community.


Upload, organize, promote and sell your artwork on artAttendant. Get organized today and be rewarded with a free home for your digital archive. We only charge 10% commission and 3% credit card processing fees on art sales with no up-front fees or monthly subscription costs. Our site is intuitive and does not have complicated features or cumbersome interfaces. Artists
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Upload and manage multiple artists and collections in our intuitive online database. List artwork for sale, rent or loan and connect with a wider community through visibility on the site. Our services have no monthly fees, subscriptions or up-front costs.

We only charge a competitive low 10% commission on sales and we provide credit card processing fees for 3%. We allow buyers to purchase directly from artAttendant.
Art Collectors
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Galleries & Art Dealers

Organize, archive and manage your collection in our secure and private online database. Collectors can opt to make your collection visible to the public in or simply kept private in our cloud-based personal database. artAttendant is the free online solution for collectors to help with insurance valuation, estate planning and publishing archive records. Art Collectors
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Institutions & Organizations

Manage all of your artwork collection and assets on our free online portal. Our site was designed to incorporate all of the features you need and is simple and easy to use for efficient artwork collection management for professional institutions and organizations. List artworks for loan or sale through our artwork marketplace. Promote your organizations artwork and easily share on social media. Find new artwork available to borrow, rent or purchase in our discover art marketplace. Art Collectors
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10 Reasons

to use artAttendant

  1. Free
    Our artwork database is free
  2. Unlimited
    Upload, organize and manage unlimited artwork records
  3. Easy
    Simple, streamlined and intuitive art database
  4. Secure
    Secure and encrypted cloud-based database - keep your collection private or promote and share it with the public
  5. Sales
    Promote art for sale, rent or loan with very low commissions (10%) and no up front fees
  1. Community
    Explore, discover and connect with other artists, collectors and dealers worldwide
  2. Access
    Access your collection from any device, art attendant makes mobile art sales easy and accessible
  3. Organization
    Visually organize your art collection with sortable fields for multiple viewing options in your own private database
  4. Guarantee
    Artwork purchases through the website are guaranteed - if you buy artwork and aren’t satisfied you can return it for a full refund (minus shipping)
  5. Services
    Contract us for affordable and professional art data entry and database migration.
Nancy Testimony
“ArtAttendant is a cloud based art inventory database, it is also a marketplace for artists and collectors. The interface is streamlined and smooth. At first glance the platform is simple, which is good because it's not overwhelming, but the more you work with it, you'll find it actually has a lot of power and options for faster workflow.”
- Willy Bo Richardson (Artist)